Mumble is a free, easy to use Voice Over IP communication tool. It has become popular with gaming clans due to its extremely high quality sound, cross platform support, and ease of use.
Mumble clients available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android

Clear and Secure!

Voice quality FAR superior to both Ventrilo and TeamSpeak; ALL communication is automatically encrypted.

You are in control

Simple admin interface gets you gaming with your friends right away, advanced Access Control Lists give you unprecedented control over your server.
We use Mumble-Django which means that your server comes with a handy web admin interface and the option to register user accounts via the web.

Try it for yourself!

Test our service first! Download Mumble and join our 5 slot Demo server.
Download Mumble from the SourceForge Project page here:
Join our Demo server by clicking Server --> Connect --> Add New
For Address enter: For Port enter: 64739
Choose any Username and Label that you like and click OK.
Or, simply click the below link once you have Mumble installed.
New York Quick Join link
Download Mumble